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Public Relations

As part of our comprehensive suite of digital marketing services, Jibe Consultants offers Public Relations, or “earned media.” Our skilled professionals work with reporters, editors and producers to ensure that our clients receive the positive media coverage necessary to help build their brands and reputations over time. We then make sure our clients coverage is leveraged across multiple digital platforms so that it gets “the legs” it deserves. Businesses need Public Relations, if only because often their competition already has it.

Public Relations can be an obscure concept for some, but it actually adds great business value. After all, every organization has stories to tell, including the value it generates for customers and patients, how well its team works together and human interest angles such as its community involvement or how the business was started and why. Through positive media coverage, Jibe Consultants Public Relations gets you in front of target audiences and increases the awareness of your expertise, services and products – building your credibility in the process.

There are at least three major reasons that Public Relations is valuable and why companies must proactively manage how their reputation develops in the editorial media. For starters, it is earned exposure in which a trusted and verified third party sings your praises. Public Relations can also help raise morale and keep employee perception of a company positive, even when the the going gets tough. And finally, Public Relations can drive demand for products and services.

Our media placements for clients have appeared in top outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press, AOL, Telemundo, Us Weekly, Cosmopolitan, Life & Style, The Doctors on CBS, Investor’s Business Daily, CNBC, Daily Mail, CNN, The Chicago Tribune, Fox TV, USA Today, Gannett Magazine, Bloomberg TV, Entertainment Tonight, Bloomberg Radio, Reader’s Digest, and Vice.

Jibe Consultants understands which media outlets your target audiences trust, how they digest their news, and what information journalists need to create a story. In these ways, we create motivating written and visual assets that support the stories our clients need told, and make sure they are shareable online … as you can see from the gamut of media content we have generated and posted on this page. We also nurture client relationships with media contacts, allowing our work to be less transactional and more focused on long term goals and alliances. We do this across practices, sectors and geography to achieve the best results for our clients.

Medical and dental practices that have benefited from our media relations include KALOS Plastic Surgery, Allied Pain & Spine in Silicon Valley, Beverly Hills Center for Plastic and Laser Surgery, Helm Nejad Stanley Dentistry of Beverly Hills, and Triune Therapy Group. We have also worked extensively with larger corporations and organizations such as Berkshire Hathaway, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Merck, Girl Scouts of America, the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Pfizer and Proctor & Gamble.