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The Basics on How to Pitch a Reporter on a Story

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Many reporters get the majority of their story ideas from PR professionals who reach out to them and inform them an angle that might interest them.

When pitching a reporter, it’s essential to be concise and compelling.

Start with a strong subject line in your email, briefly outlining the news angle.

In the body, provide a concise overview of the story, highlighting its relevance and potential impact. Include key details, quotes, and any supporting materials.

Make it clear why their audience would be interested. Respect their time, keep it brief, and offer yourself for further questions or an interview.

Personalize your pitch based on the reporter’s previous work to show you’ve done your research.

At the end of the day it’s crucial that the story you’re pitching is appropriate for the reporter in question and that their editor will find the topic relevant and of interest to the outlets readers.

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